JAS Travel Charter Group

Jetstream Air Services has operated aircraft in the NT for over 5 years and knows the landscape and challenges of operating to remote locations

The company has established JAS Travel Charter Group which informs its members of charters that may have available seats to various destinations already booked by our clients or members , the cost sharing design reduces costs and offers our clients a modern charter solution.

How To Join

Simply complete the online application form.

How it all works

Once you book a JAS Charter you will be asked if you would like to share your charter with any other Corporate travel group members.

This may be on sections of your  flight you are on or just the aircraft ferry portion of a particular flight you have booked

If you wish to share your full charter or any portion of that charter your flight details will be shared with other members only.

If by chance portions of your flight are taken up by other  JAS Travel Members a pro rata rate will be charged to the user members.

How will I be informed on availability 

You will go on our email list and be informed directly of any flight that other Corporate Travel Group Members wish to share.