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We provide professional, efficient, cost effective and comfortable travel to any destination. Whether for business or pleasure, to large regional airports or outback airstrips.



When an item needs to be transported urgently, a charter aircraft is normally the quickest and most effective means. Our aircraft are available on call 24 hours to meet your urgent freight requirements.

Our Metro II aircraft is perfectly suited to  haul large bulky items to those hard to reach locations.

Scenic Flights

Experience the magic of the NT by air today. Call today for further information.


Why Us?

  • Depart on your own timetable and leave within minutes of your arrival at the airport.
  • No flight delays
  • No stop overs / change overs
  • Flexibility to fly to your schedule
  • No chance of lost luggage
  • Convenience of landing on remote airstrips and driving your car right to the plane

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